» Bulk LPG tank installation

  • What tank sizes are available?

    At GASCO we have a wide range of tanks to suit your needs starting at 450 liters to 200,000 liters. Our team of engineers will guide you on the tank size that suits your requirement based on the guidelines given by Woqod.

  • Where can I place these tanks?

    The bulk tanks are placed outside your buildings within the vicinity of your compounds. You can opt to place the tank above ground or Underground. If the space in your compound is not sufficient to fit the tank , it can also be placed on roof top.

  • How the tank is connected to my kitchen?

    The tank is connected to your kitchens using rigid steel, carbon steel or copper pipes.

  • How the gas will be refilled in the tanks?

    The tank size suggested to you is based on your consumptions patters & the refill periods specified by WOQOD. Once the tank is installed, you will be registered with WOQOD, who will then refill your tank at regular intervals.

  • How do I check monitor the level of LPG in the Tank?

    You tank has been fitted with a level indicator that display the level of gas in the tank. Alternatively you can also opt to install the level indicator inside your kitchens for your convenience.

  • How do I make a payment for my usage?

    You will have to make a payment for your usage based on the Woqod road tanker meter readings.

  • Does the Bulk tank require maintenance?

    The Bulk tank requires very minimal maintenance. Your installation comes with a 400 days warranty & will be serviced for free during this period by GASCO. Post this period you can enter into a maintenance contract with GASCO at a nominal charge. Additionally you will also be given a maintenance chart to keep a track of your maintenance requirements.

  • What do I do if I have problem with the GAS supply ?

    As part of our customer service offering, GASCO will repair any faults or damage to your gas system. All queries should be reported to GASCO immediately.

» Auto gas

  • Can my existing car be converted to work on LPG ?

    Over 95% of petrol run vehicles can be converted to LPG without t any problems.

  • What are the modifications that will be done to my existing car?

    A kit will be installed in your engine & an extra fuel tank will be added to your vehicle. Filler will also be installed. A switch will be installed near the dash board to switch between petrol & gas.

  • How will the performance of my vehicle be affected?

    By using Autogas, the wear and tear on your vehicle's engine is significantly reduced. That's because LPG burns more cleanly than petrol.

  • Are there any safety Issues?

    Our fuel tanks are extremely safe and come complete with safety valves and cut off switches incase of a fire or emergency situation. All of our tanks are international standard and safety tested.

  • Can I switch back to petrol?

    When you switch to auto LPG you are given the option of a bi fuel system. The process of switching your vehicle back to petrol from Autogas is as straightforward as it is to convert it in the first place.

  • » Fuel system

  • What sizes or capacities of tanks are available?

    Underground and aboveground tanks, shop fabricated and UL listed, are widely available up to 40,000 gallon capacity, and to 50,000 gallon capacity in some areas. Aboveground tanks that are field fabricated, API design tanks are available in higher capacities.

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